Web Analytics 2.0

The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity

Web Analytics 2.0 is the second book by Avinash Kaushik, the best selling author of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day.

In it Avinash shows you how to use the copious amount of online data to transform your organization from faith-based to data driven.

About the Book

“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

— Framed plaque from the ‘60s at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Here’s how Avinash defines Web Analytics 2.0…
It is:

  1. the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition,
  2. to drive a continual improvement of the online experience of your customers and prospects,
  3. which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).

The book covers the depth and breadth that the above definition entails. It contains specific analytical strategies you can use to unleash your inner Analysis Ninja, how to create truly data driven organization by decimating the barriers that stand in the way of progress.

You’ll be delighted, the book does not shy away from tackling the toughest of the tough web analytics challenges. Multi channel analytics, social media measurement, multichannel campaign attribution analysis, mobile analytics, and so much more.

So…in addition to God if you want to bring insightful data to the table you'll find Web Analytics 2.0 to be just the book you need.

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Note: 100% of the author’s proceeds from this book will be donated to two charities, The Smile Train and The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, to assist in their efforts in making our world a better place.