Web Analytics 2.0

The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity

About the Book

The Web, digital marketing, and advertising have been revolutionized in the last few years, yet the approach to using data has remained largely the same as a decade ago.

In his second book web analytics thought leader Avinash Kaushik presents the next-generation framework of web analytics in this exciting book that will dramatically enhance the ability of your organization to think smart and move fast.

Avinash lays out specific strategies and execution models to evolve from simply leveraging clickstream tools to incorporating the insightful elixir of qualitative data, experimentation and testing, and competitive intelligence tools.

Web Analytics 2.0 Seed

While expanding upon the industry-shaping lessons from his bestselling book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Avinash explains how to measure, analyze, and act upon today’s quickly evolving web technologies and trends—including social media, video, mobile, and online user-centric design options.

As he updates traditional approaches, Avinash makes the complex simple, debunks myths, identifies traps, and reveals specific, simple and advanced methodologies to transform your thinking, making this book the ultimate guide for all web professionals.

  • Discover solutions for the hardest challenges, such as Multi Channel Analytics and Multi Touch Campaign Attribution Analysis.
  • Quantify the holistic economic value of your website and learn how to measure Macro and Micro Conversions for Ecommerce, Non-Ecommerce and B2B websites.
  • Profit from analytical methodologies that attack the holy trinity of Search: Internal Site Search, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Pinpoint the most relevant Key Performance Indicators for your organization and create actionable dashboards that drive change.
  • Master crucial emerging analytics fields including Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Mobile and Rich Media Analytics.
  • Embrace experimentation (A/B, MVT or Controlled) as your soul mate; create truly customer-centric websites and innovate by failing faster.
  • Explore a complete chapter on how to get people excited about analytics and create data driven bosses and organizations!
  • Cultivate the skills and background you'll need for a successful career in analytics.
  • Contains a CD with multimedia goodies. Over 4 hours of video, one hour of audio and valuable templates, models and guides.

The book will help your organization become more data driven while you become a super analysis ninja!

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